Our Team

Shehzahdi Shebbrin Moonshi

Research Fellow

Project: Development of theranostic nanomaterials for cardiovascular and cancerous diseases

Originally, from Singapore, Shebbrin has completed her undergrad (Griffith University) and PhD (University of Queensland, UQ) in Brisbane under the supervision of Professor Andrew Whittaker. She completed her PhD at UQ’s AIBN where her research was focused on the in vivo tracking of human placenta derived- mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) using 19F MRI and optical imaging. Shebbrin had five years of experience as a Senior Research Officer in Singapore Bioimaging Consortium, A*star, in a Translational Molecular Imaging Group and Translational Imaging Industrial Laboratory working with PET and MRI imaging in various disease models.

Yuao Wu

PhD Student (2017-2020)

Principal supervisor: Hang Ta
Associate supervisors: Run Zhang, Andrew Whittaker

Project: Cerium-iron oxide based nanomaterials for theranostics of ROS-related and inflammatory diseases

Mr. Wu received his Master degree (biotechnology) in the University of Queensland in 2016 and bachelor degree in the Griffith University (Molecular Biology) and Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine (Biopharmaceutical) in 2015. His current project is novel nanobiotechnology approach for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Karla Prada

PhD Student (2018-2021)

Principal supervisor: Hang Ta
Associate supervisors: Gordon Xu, Peter Little

Project: Activatable Nanomaterials for Advanced Theranostics of Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer

Motivated biologist with strong interest in using nanotechnology to understand and overcome the leading causes of death and morbidity worldwide. Experienced in cardiovascular diseases, cancer biology, inflammation, and drug delivery. Passionate about learning and developing new scientific skills. If you don’t find me in the lab, I am probably spending time with my family and eating tacos.

Hossein Adelnia

PhD Student (2018-2022)

Principal supervisor: Hang Ta
Associate supervisors: Idriss Blakey, Peter Little

Project: Novel polymeric nanomaterials for treatment of vascular calcification

Hossein’s research is on the targeted treatment of vascular calcification. In his project, he is synthesizing drug-polymer conjugates, and prepare particles for targeted delivery. He holds a master’s degree in Polymer Engineering (Nano-Polymer) from Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Tehran, Iran. He, in his master and after his graduation, has worked on various areas of polymer science, including emulsion/dispersion polymerization, composites, hydrogels, polymer gas membranes, etc.

Fahima Akther

PhD Student (2019-2022)

Principal supervisor: Hang Ta
Associate supervisors: Nam-Trung Nguyen, Peter Little, Zhiyong Li

Project: Development of microfluidics models of cardiovascular diseases

Fahima Akther has completed her master’s in biomedical engineering from Chonnam National University, South Korea and completed her Bachelor of Pharmacy from University of Development Alternative (UODA), Bangladesh. Her PhD project focuses on the development of site-specific microfluidics model for atherothrombosis and atherosclerotic plaque. The project aims to develop chips that mimics the biological processes of cardiovascular diseases, which allows testing new therapies freely on “subjects” without harming any living creatures and lessen the need for animal testing.

Huong Diem Nguyen Tran

PhD Student (2019-2022)

Principal supervisor: Hang Ta
Associate supervisors: Peter Little

Project: Innovative hemostatic materials for emergency treatment of bleeding

Strong background in polymer synthesis, biomaterials, nanomaterials, and drug delivery systems. Experience with the design, fabrication, testing and evaluation in vitro of biomaterials, nanomaterials, nanocomposite, controlled release systems, stimuli-responsive systems, and multi-functionalized systems for cancer treatment. Current research direction is innovative hemostatic materials for emergency treatment of internal and external bleeding

Najma Fithri

PhD Student (2019-2022)

Principal supervisor: Nghia Truong
Associate supervisors: Hang Ta, Karlheinz Peter, Xiaowei Wang

Project: Novel methods for detection and treatment of atherothrombosis

Najma obtained her Bachelor of Pharmacy and Master of Pharmaceutical Science degree from Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia and works as a lecturer in Sriwijaya University, Indonesia. Her previous research explored the science of polymeric drug delivery for inflammation therapy and focuses on pharmaceutical formulation technology.

Arpana Gopi Panicker

PhD Student (2019-2022)

Principal supervisor: Prasad Yarlagadda
Associate supervisors: Zhiyong Li, Hang Ta

Project: Development of in vitro models of atherosclerosis

Ying Zhou

PhD Student (2018-2021)

Principal supervisor: Peter Little
Associate supervisors: Danielle Kamato, Hang Ta

Project: The link between Nox/ROS, ageing, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease involves pathophysiological regulation of GAG hyperelongation on the lipid-binding proteoglycan, biglycan

Graduated from China Pharmaceutical University in 2016 majoring in pharmaceutical analysis. Research work was about the using of the self-assembled peptide in sustained drug delivery. Current work is about the signalling pathway of lysophosphatidic acid in human smooth muscle cells.

Yaw Opoku-Damoah

PhD Student (2018-2021)

Principal supervisor: Gordon Xu
Associate supervisors: Run Zhang, Hang Ta

Project: Lipid-coated Upconversion Nanoparticle-Mediated Carbon Monoxide Prodrug Delivery System for Cancer Therapy

Yaw graduated from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana in 2013. He is specifically interested in the use of nanomedicines for site-specific delivery and controlled release. He has several publications in highly reputable peer review journals including Biomaterials, Theranostics, Small, Applied Materials and Interface, Biomaterials Science and Molecular Pharmaceutics.